Mischa Hiller

With this taut follow-up to his much-praised Sabra Zoo, Hiller recalls the cool detachment and compelling eye for the ordinary detail that characterized the early novels of Graham Greene.
The Independent on Sunday
Beautifully told, ambitious and important, this is a debut with something important to say.
Ronan Bennett
Hiller delineates characters, even his minor ones, with skill, and the dialogue is expertly pitched.
Saudi Gazette
Hiller’s evocation of the war through a teenager’s eyes give the book both depth and gravitas.
Literary Review
Mischa Hiller has written a moving and haunting novel, a narrative for our tormented times.
Fergal Keane
Melancholy and dreamlike, Hiller’s neat upending of conventions movingly captures the realpolitik of a conflict perpetuated by the shared interests of enemies.
The Daily Telegraph
Shake Off is a cracking spy thriller with a hard, repressed sensitivity that recalls Len Deighton at his best.
The Telegraph - Books of the Year
Excellent… a fast moving, literate thriller.
Sydney Morning Herald
Stunning, defiant debut.
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I loved Mischa Hiller’s “Shake Off.” I picked it up entirely by accident. I’d never heard of Hiller before, and the book absolutely blew me away.
Malcolm Gladwell - The New Yorker
Powerful and thought-provoking, this is a book that stays with the reader. Mr Hiller’s “Shake Off” is hard to shake off.
The Economist
Shake Off is an expertly constructed, serpentine and suspenseful novel that alternates between driven hide-and-seek sequences and numb meditations.
FIction Uncovered
Hauntingly written, with a wonderful touch for human feelings.
Daily Mail
Hypnotic… A spy thriller of the highest class.
Charles Cumming
Set at the end of the Cold War, Hiller’s beautifully written second novel chronicles the education of a spy.
Publisher’s Weekly
In the best le Carré tradition…Hiller not only brings to his works a craftman’s skill but also a compassion for his characters that proves infectious.
Hiller’s characters are satisfyingly complex and their jittery energy is vividly realised.
His "show, don't tell" refusal to adduce causes directly, but to display their consequences instead comes across as canny and discreet.
Hiller’s sense of character development is rather acute.
The Jordan Times
In a few pages, he creates a truly horrifying vision of hell. It is a bold shift into the heart of darkness.
The Independent
A contemplative espionage novel that uses the imminent demise of the Soviet Union as a backdrop…An unusual hero… Consistently intriguing.
Seattle Times
It is the sensitive portrayal of these endearingly honest, savvy characters that embeds the reader’s emotional concern from the opening pages.
Selma Dabbagh
It's 1982 and teenager Ivan remains in Beirut while his parents are evacuated with the Palestine Liberation Organisation during the Israeli siege of the city. Their departure leaves Ivan free to try and befriend Eli, a Norwegian physiotherapist.

To get close to her he agrees to help with the belligerent Youssef, a Sabra camp orphan disabled by a cluster bomb. Ivan also couriers fake documents around Beirut for the PLO.

But when the president-elect is assassinated and the Israelis enter Beirut, events take a nasty turn. Ivan, caught up in the horror that makes international headlines, tries to salvage some good from the resulting chaos.
London 1989: Michel is an undercover PLO operative hooked on painkillers and posing as a student. He is tasked by mentor Abu-Leila to find a venue for secret Palestinian-Israeli talks. But fellow student Helen, forbidden fruit in this clandestine world, is proving to be a distraction.

Michel is forced to go on the run when he takes possession of a package smuggled out of the Occupied Territories and linked to an assassination in Berlin – a package that both the Israelis and Palestinians are desperate to get a hold of.

From the streets of London, Cambridge and Berlin, to the remotest areas of Scotland, Michel must use his KGB training and Helen’s help to shake off his pursuers and stay one step ahead.
DISENGAGED (Available 31st Jan 2015)
Julian and his business partner, Rami, run Hadfish Systems, a successful software development company. When Rami is offered the chance of a lucrative new contract, he doesn’t seem too fussed about where the money is coming from or for what purposes the software might be used.

Julian, though, has concerns, made all the more relevant by a secret he’s been hiding, even from Sheila, the person closest to him. When an old acquaintance of Julian’s unexpectedly reappears, full of promises and threats, Julian wonders whether this contract is really so lucrative after all, or whether it’s simply a chance to save his own life.

Caught up in a clandestine war between two nations, competing interests, old secrets and new loyalties, Julian is trapped in a deadly game.

Of English and Palestinian descent, Mischa Hiller is the author of
Sabra Zoo, Shake Off and Disengaged. He was a semifinalist in the 2007 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting and winner of the 2009 European Independent Film Festival script competition for his adaptation of Sabra Zoo. Sabra Zoo was winner of the Commonwealth Writer's 2011 First Book prize (Europe & South Asia region). He was also a runner-up in the 2006 Bridport short story competition.

He has had several short stories published, which can be found on

He is represented by the David Grossman Literary Agency and published by Telegram in the UK and Mulholland Books in North America. Disengaged is published in the UK and the US (May 2015) by Severn House Books.